2012 Goals, a little late.

I know this is a little late, but I wanted to at least get something out there that says, “Hey 2012, I’m ready!” I don’t like the idea of doing New Years resolutions because I belong to a school of thought that you should be ready to make any necessary changes no matter what time of year it is. That being said, I do have some loose goals for the year as a measuring stick as the year progresses.

Goal #1: Expand my portfolio. I know that this seems like a no brainer, but I want to put some more effort in on it. I was fortunate enough to be raised in the gorgeous state of Maine, with it’s abundance of beautiful natural landscapes so it has been easy enough to drive 20 minutes down the road and find a great place to shoot. So right now my portfolio consists of landscapes from my own area with a few coming from locations up to a few hours away. Not to mention the still untapped potential this state has. My goal is to keep things new and dynamic by getting to all these places I have never been. Right now, I am compiling a list of places both local and not that I would like to shoot this year.

Goal #2: Upgrade to a full-frame camera. This one is a bit of a long shot mostly due to finances. I have begun to pay off those pesky student loans and so the extra money to get a new camera isn’t likely to come anytime soon. On top of that, I am holding out for the 5D mkIII that I am hoping will be finally released sometime this year or early next year. As much as I love my 7D, landscapes really are the realm of the full-frame.

Goal#3: Make some money from my photography! It has always been my goal to go at this gig full time and I have finally begun to take steps in that direction. I have already planned to make 2012 a big year for me in that respect. Between several small business classes and some good advice from my mentor, I think I am beginning to understand what this is going to take and I am ore determined than ever.

Goal #4: Win a big contest of some kind. This one is doesn’t have a set time frame, but I want it here to remind me of a big goal of me.

Goal #5: Not to forget to have fun with my photography. Forgetting to enjoy your art is an easy thing to do when you make the transition from thinking of it as a hobby and thinking of it as a business.

So this is a loose set of goals that I will be using as a guideline for my photography over the next year. As we go along, I hope that I can come back to this post and put small check marks by each goal.

Until next time, happy shooting!


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