Willard Beach

As I have mentioned in previous posts, I have been fortunate enough to be raised here in Maine. There is just no end to the breathtaking landscapes in this state. It is always nice, especially when time is tight, to head out down the road and be able to get some quality shooting done. I finally made it a popular local beach, Willard Beach in South Portland. Willard beach is a nice little sand beach that is nestled between a few icons. On your left, you have Spring Point Ledge Light and a little further down the coast on the right is Portland Head Light.

On my first visit there I was lucky enough to get a great sunset with some popping color. I sat up around some rock on the right of the beach and captured a few long exposures. I am loving my B+W 110 10-stop ND filter. It takes a simple ½ second exposure and pushes it to an 8-minute exposure. 10-stops makes even the calmest of waters look dynamic. I will probably go back to the beach a few more times in the coming weeks, I tend to follow the Ansel Adams approach to landscapes and return to the same location in a bunch of different kinds of light.

Until next time, happy shooting!


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