My Top 10 Images of 2011

Having been online looking through a lot of other photographers blogs, I have noticed that a lot of them do a year of review by listing their Top 10 images that they shot. So not be left behind I will jump on that bandwagon this year and do the same. So without further adieu, here are my top 10 favorite shots of 2011.

Ah, Portland. One of my favorites because of the light and the fact that it overlooks Portland. As I get older, I realize how I much I love the city.

Again, this images means more to me as it represents that physical pains I will endure for shooting. The exact opposite of Sub Zero Safe Passage, this image was taken when it was 110 degrees out.

This image imade my favorites because it shows the dynamic nature of landscapes.

I love this image because it was one of the first images I took that really showed what my 10-stop filter can do.

This isn't a great image by any means, but the reason it rates so high to me is because it marks my first foray into night sky photography.

I enjoy this image because it represents a different kind of foreground than I usually lean toward.

This image has more than one meaning for me. Not only is it a good image, it represents whats I am willing to endure to get a shot. The temperature had dropped to -37 degrees with windchill and as I slowly lost feeling in my extremities, I kept shooting.

On the same day i took Unfolding, I played with some longer exposures. I love the look of the foreground in this image. It has a real ethereal feel to me.

This might my favorite shot from 2011 as a whole. I was fortunate enough to be given some dramatic skies on my last afternoon in Acadia.

I like this image because of the huge amount of color in it and the amount of time I put into the post process of the image.


25 thoughts on “My Top 10 Images of 2011

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  3. Charlie… looks like you had a very productive year! I am biased toward the beautiful state of Maine, and your collection of 2011’s best does it proud. Nice work indeed!

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  10. i absolutely LOVE ‘Sugar High’ – that is an absolutely stunning photograph. Absolutely amazing, you did a fantastic job.

  11. Thank you everyone! I had a good year and I am really hoping to do nothing but improve over this next year. I have already begun to put plans into place to expand my portfolio and for those of you that check in from time to time, i hope to reward you with fresh and inspirational content. Thanks again!

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  15. I would be interested in seeing what kind of post you did to “walk the plank”. Perhaps post the original sometime side by side so we can see how much work you put into these shots.

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