New Endeavors

It has been ever since I got my Canon 7D that I have wanted to really make use of the HD video capabilities it has. It is like there is a whole other side of my camera I have yet to scratch the surface on.

I will be the first to recognize that while there are some similarities in shooting video and photography, especially when it comes to static shots, there is still a ton that I have to learn. That being said, I think that I am finally going to start taking steps toward that. I have for a long time had a far off fantasy that one day I could work on a project like Planet Earth, Life, or Human Life {all BBC projects). While I don’t think I will ever achieve the abilities of those guys, I will strive to be able to produce something of quality.

I just purchased an intervalometer the other day and for those that don’t know what it does, it essentially allows me to take series of images that are equally spaced apart. What this will allow me to do is produce time-lapse sequences. I am sure a fair amount of people have seen some kind of time lapse video where time seems to pass quickly and hours become minutes.

So over the next few months, and beyond, in addition to great images, I will probably be throwing some experimental video stuff. I am just started, so be nice.

Until next time, happy shooting.

My Time Lapse can be seen here.


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