Always take something home

I have mentioned in previous posts that one of the curses of landscape photography is that all too often, you get up early, show up to your chosen location, and the light decides to stay home. That doesn’t mean that you have to go home with nothing.

For example, this morning I woke up to a favorable forecast for some great under lighting for the clouds. Of course, when I showed up, no sun to be found. I also found out that I had left my filter holder at home. Now, I know that photographers don’t bother with filter holders and just handhold their filters, but I don’t have the steadiest hands and I like the freedom offered with holder. Today I was out of luck, but I took home so lessons.

There was little color in the sky with a dull surf.


Lesson one: always pack your bag the night before, especially if you are not a morning person. Seems kind of obvious, but it’s easy to be lazy the night before and just plan to throw everything in when you first roll out of bed. You will inevitably forget something.

Lesson 2: practice hand holding your filters, even if you have a holder. Why? Because your index finger simply does not look good in the picture next to the 200 year old lighthouse. You have to hold he filters just right to allow for the most comfort, stability, and to keep those pesky digits from floating into the shot. Or start a new series of pictures with you fingers next to famous landmarks, that’ll sell well.

So always remember, even if you don’t get the shot, use the opportunity to practice new techniques, learn a lesson, or try a new completion. Always take something home with you.

Until next time, happy shooting.


One thought on “Always take something home

  1. What an amazing picture. Fantastic. I’m very jealous. I’ve just posted my attempt with the misty water & I am a long way from your standard. Great notes that I am going to take note of & try again. Many thanks. John 🙂

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