Acadia Sum Up

This year’s trip to Acadia was a case of mixed weather, but it yielded fantastic results. As I have told people before, pictures are at their best when Mother Nature is at her worst. While there were no real extremes during this trip, I was hit with a few different weather conditions that required me to adapt my way of shooting.

My first day there, the weather wasn’t particularly bad, but unfortunately, the sky was relatively flat, so I wasn’t able to capture any drama. This was a good chance for me to play around with my new 10-stop ND filter and I was able to get a few cool shots on the rocky coast.

The next day brought the worst of the weather I was to face on my trip as it rained for the whole day. I am not one that is easily deterred from being out in the rain, but it does make shooting a little more difficult. Since I often employ a handful of gradual neutral density filters to create a fair amount of drama in my shots, rain then becomes a problem. Once those filters get wet, its impossible to get a clean shot with them. While the rain kept me away from the coast most of the day, I was able to head to take advantage of the abundance of water that had now swelled the normally babbling brooks. I spent over an hour photographing Jordan Stream, which had now become a raging torrent. Toward the end of the day, there were a few brief windows where the rain ceased and I was able to get some shots around Thunder Hole and Sand Beach.

This was some of the most dramatic sky I have seen on Mount Desert Island.

The next morning brought the sun back, and the clouds began to part around sunrise. Unfortunately, when the clouds left, the temperature also dropped about 15 degrees and there were 30 to 40 mph gusts. Once I put on a few extra layers, I spent the day capturing a quickly moving and shifting sky. Toward the evening I headed to the west side of the island and met up with local and fellow photog Nate Parker. He took me to a secluded beach and we were greeted with a fantastic sunset. Conditions were changing fast and it would go from completely cloudy with rain to a dramatic colored sky. I was able to get some great shots along the water.

The next morning was somewhat of a let down after all the dramatic scenery of the past few days. As I rose early, bleary eyed, I was greeted with a nearly cloudless and flat morning. I still fired off a few shots, but unfortunately wasn’t given any overly pleasing results.

Overall, despite the rain, this trip was a success. I was able to get a handful of dramatic shots that will find a nice home in my portfolio. I will definitely be making it out there again sometime next year.

Until next time, happy shooting.

This was a 1-minute exposure. I love how it gives the foreground a real misty look.


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