Road to the sky

This is a four image stitch panorama of the view from the Mount Washington Auto Road

When you are looking to get great shots from high places, it really helps when someone is kind enough to build a road that goes directly to the top. Recently, I made a trip to New Hampshire and decided to head to the top of Mount Washington, the highest mountain in New England. Lucky for me, the Mount Washington Auto Road takes you right to the peak.

This trip was a great excuse to try out my new filter, the B+W 110 10-stop ND filter. To give me people an idea of what 10-stops means, without the filter, I was shooting at about 1/10th of a second at f/22. When I pop that filter on, I was exposing around 1 to 2 minutes in the same lighting conditions. The difference is staggering.

My hope was that with the clouds moving much faster over the mountain, I would be able to show some motion, versus the typically static clouds seen during the day. I wouldn’t say any of the results were spectacular, but what I was seeing was still getting me excited for future possibilities.

It’s hard to describe the drive to someone that hasn’t taken it, but I’ll try my best. It’s only an 8 miles trip, but there is so much to see. While out west, the timber line on most mountains is pretty high, you start to get above the trees on Washington around 4000 feet. You are treated with a uninterrupted view of the rest of the presidential range as well as down into the notches that surround the mountain. With the fall foliage finally beginning to take hold here, there were various colors in place of the usual wash of green.

What I truly love about getting that high is, low hanging clouds hit the side of the mountain, and one moment you can be clear and in the sun, and the next, you are driving through a thick, cold fog. It’s a unique experience to say the least.

Until next time, happy shooting.

The clouds just blur into these gorgeous wisps and make you see the movement.


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