Acadia Part II: Jordon Pond

One of the more obvious stops before you get to the loop road in the park is the Jordon Pond House. It is hard to miss between the large building and the massive amount of people walking around. Best known for the restaurant and gift shop, this building is often crawling with families and senior citizens.

However, to avoid the crowds, get here right after sunrise, and you will have the place to yourself. Once you get past the house, toward the pond itself, you can really start to work the view. The downside to this locations, is that it easily one of the most taken shots. Looking across the pond, you see the two iconic “bubbles”. However, where you can stand out is that by getting there early, you can get some

great light, the last of the fog that hags over the water, and if you are lucky, you can spot a few loons make their rounds.

Last time I was there, I was fortunate enough to have a deer come crashing out of the woods in front of me and she was polite enough to stick around for a few minutes and let me take her picture. When fall hits, the tree’s surrounding the pong all-light up like fireworks, and you can get some real punch in your images. If you have the time, take the few minute long hike around the pond, but their aren’t too many fantastic vantage points.

Next Up: Thunderhole

Until next time, happy shooting.

Deer at Jordon Pond

This lovely photogenic doe loved posing for me


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