Acadia Here I Come

The fog that had rolled in the night before persisted to the morning, making for a breathtaking sunrise.

With my October trip to Acadia looming, I felt it was it was a great idea to go over some of the great places to shoot in and around the park. There are a few more known ones and a few off the beaten path. Over the next few weeks, I’ll introduce you to Jordan Pond, Cadillac Mountain, Sandy Beach, Otter Cliffs, and a few other locations.

Acadia is an extremely unique landscape as it offers the best of multiple types of landscapes, all on a tiny island. You get the beauty of looming mountains that slope right down onto the classic rugged Maine coast line. Throw in some lovely sounds that are dotted with picturesque fishing villages and the sea side charm of Bar Harbor, and you have yourself a picture taking smorgasbord.

The first stop on our journey is Bar Harbor. The undeniable hub of Mount Desert Island, Bar Harbor is the quintessential tourist sea side town. That being said, there is a certain charm to it. With a fair mix of high end restaurants, local pubs, and the lovely view of Frenchman Bay (keep your eyes peeled for the iconic schooner Margaret Todd,” you can’t help but enjoy the atmosphere. However, come October, all but the leaf-peepers and locals are left, and you have the run of the town without all the nuclear families streaming the sidewalks.

A very rainy Bar Harbor

If you can manage to pull yourself out of bed for sunrise, try to ignore the instinct to head right for the top of Cadillac Mountain and head downtown. Mount Desert Island is well known for its fog, and it’s usually at its peak first thing in the morning. You can get some great shot of the fog hanging over the bay and drifting through the streets. Otherwise, hang out until twilight, and catch the orange street lights contrasted against the deep blue sky.

Until next time, happy shooting!


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